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Cloud Telephony Solutions
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Use Automated Solutions to reach out to the clients. Conduct
surveys and collect important data with just a missed call.

Call Center Services

Telemo call center services allow agents to sync calls in real time with their SalesForce app on field.

Click to Call

With Click-To-Call Solution you can connect with leads, right away, to increase your conversion time.

Outbound Calling

In Outbound Calling we offer to connect with millions of customers through automated calls and SMS.


We provide uninterrupted support to your customers. You never miss a business lead with our IVR solutions.

Toll Free Number

Domestic and international toll free numbers – the best way to contact your business.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech is the artificial production of human speech. It is used in software or hardware.

An umatched user journey

Telemo solutions ensure a stable bond between your customers and your business.

Everybody Gets a Dashboard
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Endless Possibilities in One Communication Platform

Automate your customer communication to reach your target audience and gather insights with Telemo an advanced contact center platform.

Improve Your Customer Support

By analyzing each call through call recording you can offer the best support to customers.

Identify Customer Acquisition Cost

You can find the total cost of acquisition (total number of calls made) for a particular customer.

Evaluate Employee Productivity

You can monitor all call logs and figure out employee efficiency.

Create Your Sales Script

By analyzing call recordings, you can create the best suitable script.

Train Your New Employees

By taking several call recording samples, you can provide training to your new employees.


Telemo is considered as the most trustworthy enterprise
cloud communications platform.

Excellent Quality

Higher success rates, best voice quality, and reduced latency.

Superior Reliability

Higher in class uptimes of 99.96% including operator uptimes.

Easy to Implement

Sign up and get started within minutes, built APIs are very simple to use.

Scale at Ease

Expand it with zero investment in infrastructure.

Best Support and Maintenance

The support team takes care of the system in case of any glitch.

Extensive Reporting

Very easy to understand, detailed analytical reports sent regularly.

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