What is Text-To-Speech?

Text-to-speech, also called TTS, is a kind of supportive technology that reads out aloud the digital texts. A form of speech synthesis that converts text into spoken voice output, it is also sometimes known as “read aloud” technology.

How Does it work?

how tts works

Benefits of Telemo’s Text-to-Speech Engine?

Reach out to countless people at one go with Telemo’s Text To Speech on any phone, whether mobile or landline. Thus, free from the hassles of waiting for free lines, manual dialing, and searching for a handset. These voice messages are perfect for

Reaching out to a larger audience instantly and economically

With our TTS engine, reach out to a larger and global scale of customers through marketing or other broadcast messages, using outbound calls or IVR feedback.

Reminding the Appointments or other important meetings

Save time and money by lessening No-show and with the assurance that your clients would remember their appointments or other important meetings.

Several Languages and Voices

Select your language of SMS Text To Speech from the supported languages and voices, including regional languages as well. This might as well be set up using the API for each call.

Automated Delivery Notifications

Keep a tab on your delivery and tracking notifications and send them via phone calls.

Human-like Voice Calls

We ensure you that our voice quality sound similar to a human voice and that helps in improving the experience.

Enhancing Security through Two-factor authentication

Verify the true identity of customers by sending automated voice calls or SMS to their mobile phones.

Features of Text-to-Speech at a glance

Amazing free 24/7 support

Reliable – 100% uptime SLA guarantee

Lightning-fast message delivery

High performance

Message delivery to all countries globally

No setup required. Be up and running in minutes.